Is Ferrari Going To Unleash A Hybrid V6 Supercar On 24th June?

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The iconic sportscar manufacturer from Maranello has something cooking at their testing facility. Numerous test mules of the new sportscar have been spotted at its testing facility in Italy. Rumours suggest that the new car would make use of a v6 engine assisted with some electrification making it hybrid. Now Ferrari is no stranger to v6 units and its last v6 sportscar was the Dino which was sold for over 40 years before getting the axe. The recent lineup from Ferrari doesn’t feature any v6 powertrain so it would be interesting to see how it compares to the v12 and turbocharged v8 units.

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The new prancing horse is rumoured to go against supercars from the McLaren and Porsche stable. Ferrari had also unveiled a V6 hybrid engine back in 2018 which hints at the potential powertrain for the new car.

ferrari hybrid v6 test mule

The internal code for the model is F171 and the car is said to be “revolutionary” and a radical departure from the brand’s current lineup as hinted by David Tonizza who is a 2019 F1 Pro series champion. The V6 engine could be a 3.0-litre twin-turbo unit paired with an electric motor which would develop around 710hp.  This power figure goes right up against McLaren Artura’s 680hp which is rumoured to be its primary competition. The new model will feature a rear-wheel-drive powertrain unlike the company’s other hybrid supercar i.e. the SF90 which comes in an all-wheel-drive format. Ferrari released a teaser that quoted “defining fun to drive” and confirmed the date of 24th June 2021 as the reveal date. The teaser features the aforementioned David Tonizza who is seen using the car’s steering wheel and also an audio clip which is supposedly the v6 engine being fired up.

ferrari v6 hybrid teaser (1)

The engine may or may not be related to the upcoming Maserati MC20 which features a 3.0 litre v6 too. Maserati and Ferrari are known to share powerplants so it wouldn’t be surprising if it turns out to be true. The hybrid powertrain is rumoured to appear in the upcoming Purosangue  SUV which will be another steps towards complete electrification of the line-up which the brand wants to achieve by 2025.

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