India gets damage-free Robotic Tyre Fitting Equipment!

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Changing tyres has become a simpler job with the introduction of a new robotic tyre fitting equipment in India. The new equipment guarantees no damage to both the wheel as well as the tyre. This concept equipment has been introduced for the first time in the country at Chennai. The new equipment has been highly customized to suit Indian operating conditions and can easily change new-gen tubeless tyres, Runflat, low/ultra low profile as well as high performance tyres. The equipment is a worldwide recommendation of international tyre biggies like Michelin and Bridgestone.


With the new equipment, no extra efforts are required while mounting and dismounting any type of tyre without the usage of a bead removing lever. This has been made possible with the introduction of an exclusive robotic Robofit tool (MF Patent). The tool has two different heads, one of which is used for dismounting where as the other for mounting tyres. The heads are made from high-strength plastic to prevent wheel and tyre damage. It boasts of two levers which provide simple roller positioning and simultaneous or independent breaking of both upper and lower beads. The equipment ensures fast, effective and safe breaking of the beads. The operations of the robotic arm are controlled by an 8-movement joystick. This will prevent damage to the tyre and sidewalls.

The revolutionary tyre fitting equipment is available at Siremull Hirachand’s Tyrestore located on Greams Road in Chennai. The states of Pondicherry, Karnataka, Kerala (neighboring states) as well as Tamil Nadu will benefit the most with the introduction of this equipment. This is so because the equipment is available only at the above tyre dealer in Chennai. The store boasts of 60 years of experience and has sold over 2 lakh car tyres.

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