Harley merchandise to be available in malls!

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The number of people who dream to own a Harley Davidson is not less in India. Recently, these people got a chance to celebrate after Harley Davidson announced its arrival in India. But now, they get yet another opportunity to party as Harley Davidson Merchandise will soon be available at the malls in India. So, if you dream to own a Harley and if you are not sure whether you can make your dream come true, you can at least end up owning Harley Merchandise.

harley davidson jacket India

harley davidson Shoes India

Harley Davidson is presently looking out for partners to manufacture their clothes and wide range of accessories along with various bike parts, in India. The wide range of accessories will include leather jackets, light outer clothes, boots, eyewear, caps and collectibles like key chains and rings, which are also sold globally by the firm.

Anoop Prakash, MD, Harley Davidson said, “This range of merchandise will be available in shopping malls and arcades, away from bike showrooms”. The company stated that about five percent of their revenue is contributed by their merchandise. A list of hundreds of such products is also available for sale on their website.

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