India bound Triumph 250cc motorcycle spotted testing!

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That Triumph motorcycles, the latest international bike maker to enter Indian market, is busy with the development of a 250cc bike, for developing markets such as that of our country, is a well known fact. Now, spy pics of the upcoming India bound Triumph 250cc motorcycle have surfaced on the cyber space. These pics belong to motorradonline.

The upcoming Triumph 250cc motorcycle would be built in our country and is likely to be launched in early 2015


Unlike the highly anticipated Yamaha R25, the upcoming Triumph 250cc motorcycle would be powered by a single cylinder motor that would boast of power figures closer to that of the Honda CBR250R instead of Kawasaki Ninja 250.

As we said above, the upcoming low capacity Triumph motorcycle will be produced in India, which should translate into ultra competitive selling price. The new bike will be produced at the manufacturer’s Narsapura plant, which is located near Bangalore and the upcoming bike is likely to be priced lower to the much awaited Yamaha R25 250cc motorcycle.


Triumph has already released this concept sketch of the upcoming bike and as can be made out from this sketch and the spy pics, the bike features a really sporty design and we wonder if the upcoming motorcycle would be sold under the much celebrated Daytona moniker.


Currently, the Triumph range of motorcycles start with the Bonneville, which retails for INR 5.7 lakhs. The Triumph Bonneville is powered by a 865cc parallel twin motor that has a max power of 68 PS and the bike boasts of a clean and classy look.

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  • Vishal Prakash says:

    oo i thought this was India… my bad

  • Anonymous says:

    really ? were all superbikes tested in India ? were all harleys were ? would have done harleys good with their nuts n bolts all dropping off everywhere in Kolkata’s bumpy roads ! 😀
    I meant test in India, not test in general !! lol

  • Sagar Joshi says:

    Dude, every new engine/chassis is tested.

    Since the 250 is an all new motorcycle, it is being tested, refined, and being made production ready.

    Even Superbikes are. In 2008 when the Blade was redesigned, even that was tested and caught by photographers.

  • Vishal Prakash says:

    I dont get one thing. Why test ? did they test their bigger bikes ? no, did any company test ? no. what do they get out of testing ? Unless you are planning to mass produce here.

  • karikor says:

    Triumph India has a winner in its hands once its priced competitively and gets its dealership and aftersales service sorted out.