Paul Walker passes away in freak Carrera GT accident: RIP

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 Paul Walker

The Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker, known for his role of Connor O’ Brian has passed away in an unfortunate car crash. The man who shot to fame for his role as a street racer in the famous Hollywood film series was a self confessed speed junkie and a fan of fast of exotic cars. The adrenaline junkie bid adieu to the world in one of the most exotic, fast and rare cars of our times – the Porsche Carrera GT. Paul was travelling as a passenger with his friend and partner Roger Rodas.

The duo was on their way back from a charity event organized for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. A while after they left in Rodas’ Red Carrera GT, the driver lost control and crashed the car into a pole and tree in Valencia, Santa Claria. The vehicle caught fire thereafter, and reduced to a mangled and cindered state in no time. The duo of Paul Walker and Roger Roads was declared deceased by the LA County Sheriff’s department. The department declared that car’s speed was one of the reasons for the mishap. The investigators also found burnt rubber and donut marks in the shape of eight on the road near the crash site.

Often listed among the sexiest men alive on earth, Paul Walker won hearts the world over with his well shapes body, and understated style and his genial smile. His Fast and Furious series where he plays the lead is the best known Hollywood movie series on cars and street racing. The seventh iteration of the series portraying him again as Brian O’ Connor is currently in the post production phase. His other memorable movies include Eight Below, Joy Ride and Into the Blue.

Paul Walker 2

Paul made popular the custom mod culture. Always the protagonist who preferred lighter Japanese cars to American monsters, Paul was one of the stars who indirectly did a world of good to Japanese performance cars, especially the Nissan GT-R. His partner in most of the movies in the F&F series, Vin Diesel, expressed his grief on the development. “Brother I will miss you very much,” Diesel said in a post on Instagram, adding “I am absolutely speechless. Heaven has gained a new Angel. Rest in Peace.”

The man who became the poster boy of supercar and racing aficionados the world over believed in giving and sharing. His charities will continue to serve the poor and the needy. The great man’s dramatic demise was possibly scripted exclusively by the almighty himself. RIP Paul, we’ll miss you. Car movies would never be the same again.

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