In an attempt to curb noise pollution, Maharashtra bans ‘Horn OK Please’ for good

In an attempt to curb noise pollution, Maharashtra bans 'Horn OK Please' for good. Disregard for this will attract strict fine and lead to loss of permits.

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Horn OK Please banned

‘Horn OK Please’. No, thank you!

Finally, and we really mean finally, the menace of incessant honking would leave us and be gone forever! At least in the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai was actually awarded the not-at-all prestigious “Noisiest City” in 2013. That is something we all can live without and the Maharashtra road transport department has recently issued a circular. This circular comprehensively bans the ‘Horn OK Please’ slogan stuck to hind quarters of commercial vehicles. Like, thank you so much for that! In fact, even the mere sight of that wretched phrase will invoke a fine and end up leading to the cancellation of permits. At least according to the Section 134 (1) of the Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Rules.

Horn OK Please banned in Maharashtra

Remove that phrase as soon as you can. As for those behind these things, stop honking!

Western countries have some of the most peaceful roads out there, one of the primary reasons for that is the lack of blaring horns. In India, however, signs such as ‘Horn OK Please’ widely advertise the necessity for other road users to honk at these slow moving goliaths of the road. Honking has become such a problem, that most of us end up having massive headaches before we even reach our destinations. Officials are to commence routine checks for the removal of these signs from next week. This is one of those really good decisions by the authorities and Motoroids is only too happy about this. Tell us what you think about this, especially if you are from Maharashtra.

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  • suiam says:

    Hat off to maha govt.
    Centre should adopt a law where honking should be use only and when one is in need of emergency help. This law should be aply to the rest of indian states esp metro cities.. frankly i hate the noisy auto rickshaw pick up truck , this is also one of the main culprits. I dont know why govt are allowing this kind of noisy engine to ply on our road, it should be ban completely ..