Hyundai To Stop Developing New ICE Engines?

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Just like that, another year has passed by and we have entered 2022. A new year marks a new beginning. All of us are filled with hopes and dreams and everything seems possible. It is the time of the year where we make resolutions. We aim at something we wish to achieve. Hyundai Motors has shared its resolution not just for 2022 but for all the years to come. The Korean manufacturer has reportedly shut down its Engine Research and Development Division.

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What Does it Mean?

Hyundai has reportedly shut down its Internal Combustion Engine Development division. This means that we shall not see any new IC engines on any new Hyundai vehicle. The IC engines that are present on the market today will comprise to be the last from the company’s R&D team. It is now the responsibility of this lot to carry forward the Hyundai legacy. This does not mean the end of ICE production by the brand, but it will not research any new engines. Hyundai wants to bring complete focus on electric vehicles and thus, some of the ICE departments have been modified to facilitate research in the field of electrification.

Hyundai Kona Electric 2022

The powertrain division has been modified to Electrification Development Team. The engine design unit has been converted to Electrification Design Unit. Nevertheless, some ICE departments have been retained for the modification of existing engines. Nearly 12,000 people were working on engines, and now they are being transferred to the newly formed departments. This move by Hyundai has flustered us all as it leaves us with so many questions. On the international level, the brand had invested a ton of money in hydrogen-powered vehicles. The closure of ICE technology would mean an end to that project. In the Indian market, the government has advised four-wheeler brands to bring flex-fuel engines. As flex-fuel also requires an IC engine this could mean that we shall not see any ethanol compliant vehicle from Hyundai.

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Future Plans of Hyundai

Hyundai plans on becoming an all-electric brand by the year 2040. The Ioniq series by the brand has got good recognition in a short period and it is performing well in the market. Seeing this Hyundai is all the more interested in investing in electric to form a complete line-up of Ioniq EVs.



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