Hyundai Sonata YF / i45 caught testing in India

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Hyundai is planning to launch its internationally acclaimed Sonata YF / i45 D-segment car to India. The proof to the fact is these pictures taken by members at team-bhp. You may miss the i30 in the league of i10 & i20, but  i45 is  on its way to India as the replacement of the not so exciting Sonata Transform. Looking at the i45 which is already sold internationally this one already looks like a winner in India.

The car seen testing here seems to be powered by the 2.4 litre 4 cylinder direct injection GDI petrol engine. With a whopping 198Hp @ 6300rpm and peak torque of 250Nm @ 4250rpm, it will surely send chills down the spine of the Japanese Hondas and the German Skodas. What’s more, this engine has won international acclaim for being very fuel efficient as well. Watch out for this dual exhausted beast burning some rubber on India roads. We pray that Hyundai plans a diesel powered engine too very soon.

Spy Images: Team-bhp

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