Hyderabad: Drunk driving may cost you your job and visa

Caught driving under the influence of alcohol? You might stand to lose out on a government or a overseas job.


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Traffic rules are becoming more stringent with each passing day. We had earlier brought to you the news that the traffic department in Mumbai made it compulsory for pillion riders on 2 wheelers to wear helmets as well as making seat belts compulsory for the co-driver. Now, recent reports suggest that the Hyderabad traffic police have come up with a new law to reduce the number of drunk driving incidents.

According to the new reports, people caught driving in an inebriated condition might stand to lose out on job opportunities with government organizations in the country. Police officials have recently begun checking conviction details such as those driving under the influence of alcohol and other serious traffic offences that takes place during a verification process.

drunk driving

Not only will offenders lose out on government jobs, they might also stand to miss an opportunity to land their dream job in a foreign country. Countries such as U.S.A. consider drunk driving as a grave offence and certain embassies of their respective countries have the access to such records.

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The report further added that only 62 women were caught driving under the influence of alcohol since 2011 and the reason behind this could be the low strength of female officers in the force. To solve the problem, the police will now reportedly include two women with every team. This team is also said to be aware of each pubs’ ‘ladies night’ and will accordingly place the workforce to nab offenders.

Source: Times of India

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