How About A Jeep Wrangler Electric Concept, Magneto?

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Jeep Wrangler is one popular SUV out there. It enjoys a cult following that very few can boast of. And keeping the consistent rise in popularity of EVs all over the world and the inevitable shift to greener energy due sooner than later, Jeep has unveiled an electric concept of its popular Wrangler christened Magneto. The Magneto, unlike quite many electric concepts, doesn’t have a lot of visual chromatic clues to undermine to the public about it being an EV, so, no unnecessary blue or green accents and stuff whatsoever, which is actually quite nice. 

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Sure, it has a fair share of blue accents and linings but they don’t look as intended as others to grab your attention and they feature proportionately around the car. Simply put, you won’t complain much looking at those blue accents.

Jeep Magneto front 3 quarters

Upfront, it looks very similar to the usual Wrangler. It features the signature 7-slat vertical grille, flanked by round headlamps on either side. The beefy bumper adds a lot of visual bulk to the Magneto and makes it look more badass while the sleek LED blinkers beside the headlamps which is a rather subtle and classy touch. From the sides, you can clearly notice the roll cage which is finished in blue and the mega 17” offroad tyres. The rear is minimal and we have no complaints.

Jeep Magneto rear 3 quarters

The Jeep Magneto draws power from a single custom-built axial flux electric motor and four Li-ion battery packs overall rated at 70kWh. The peak power obtained from this electric powertrain is 285hp of and 370Nm of peak torque. The concept off-roader can sprint from nought to 100km/h in 6.8 seconds, which is mighty impressive for an SUV of this size and character. The battery is equipped with 800V hardware for fast charging and you should be able to extract around 350km on a single charge, although Jeep hasn’t revealed an official number.

Jeep Magneto front grille

Recently, Jeep had launched the standard, locally produced Wrangler in India starting at INR 53.90 lakhs for the Unlimited variant and going all the way up to INR 57.90 lakhs ( all prices, ex-showroom ) for the Rubicon trim. Additionally, Jeep will launch the made in India Jeep Compass, a 7-seater SUV and the best of all, the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The 7-seater SUV from Jeep is codenamed the H6 and all these SUVs will be launched before or by 2022. The Magneto concept might or might not make it to production but it may serve as a base going forward for future EVs from Jeep.

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