Honda USA Announces August-Launch for New CBR300R


The American arm of Honda has announced the launch of the new Honda CBR300R in the upcoming month of August, via an international press release. Honda USA has also updated its website with the details of the single-cylinder CBR300R.


The CBR300R was unveiled at the CIMA MotorShow held last year in Chongqing, China. To take on the high-handed move of Kawasaki to increase the displacement of its famed Ninja 250 to Ninja 300, Honda had responded by stroking out the single-cylinder powerplant by a further 8 mm. This resulted in a 286 cc powerplant, and a northward move in the numbers shown in the specifications chart.

It was also accompanied by a different design language as well. The CBR250R was a misnomer, as the vehicle carried the design language of a VFR thanks to its Y-Shaped Single headlamp. To align the CBR300R in line with the CBR-family ideals, Honda has introduced dual-headlamp design. Another noticeable change is the exhaust canister which is now a bit longer as compared to the older, stubbier one. A few other minor tweaks were also present, too.


With the 2015 Honda CBR300R, Honda hopes to take the fight to the much-more accomplished competitor, the Ninja 300. The CBR250R had been witnessing a fall in its sales due to the advent of newer options, and a Shot-in-the-Arm was definitely necessary. Nevertheless, the CBR300R still retains the essence of the Quarter-Litre Ceeber. It isn’t exactly a screming winner, but is a perfect all-rounder, or rather a more road-worthy bike.

As our cities start getting more cramped and the gas prices spiral upwards, the need of the hour is a bike that combines best of both the worlds. With every twist of the throttle, it should be able to provide that Butterfly-in-the-Stomach feel, yet it should not burn a hole in the pocket. It should also be easily maneuverable within rush-hour traffic, and should not require much dancing on the gearbox.


That’s exactly where the CBR300R waltzs in. With a pretty economical single cylinder powerplant, one doesn’t need to worry much about the running costs. The company claims that the single pot engine has plenty of torque to fiddle across the whole powerband. The bike is lighter than the CBR250 too, and dimensions paint the picture of a very light and maneuverable bike.

Did we forget to mention that the CBR300R will come with Honda’s C-ABS as standard?? Honda USA has also showcased a new colour option of Matt Black with Yellow highlights.

However, you need to keep chewing on your nails asit isn’t headed to India soon. We expect it to hit the Indonesian markets, and then it could probably arrive at our shores. Keep in mind though that it will be pricier as compared to the Honda CBR250R.


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