Honda all set to replace Mahindra as third largest car maker

Honda India is all set to replace Mahindra as the third largest car manufacturer in India, was only marginally behind in sales numbers for the month of June

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After Maruti and Hyundai, the fight for the third largest car manufacturer in India is pretty close, as Mahindra sold just 464 more units than Honda, in the month of June. Honda managed to sell 16,316 units, a jump of 75%, while Mahindra sold 16,780 units, down 3%.

Honda is about to launch it’s brilliant new Mobilio in the market, which should help sales numbers even further. They launched products like the Brio and Amaze in segments it never catered to before, a move which paid off. It was a gradual climb after it had launched it’s Jazz hatchback, which failed to produce sales numbers, as Honda positioned it as a premium product. The launch of fuel-efficient diesel engines in the City and the Amaze boosted sales further, and the new MPV launch will only add more numbers to the kitty. In an interview with TOI, Jnaneswar Sen, Sr VP (sales & marketing) at Honda Cars India, said, “These numbers and growth rates are sustainable. We are confident that we will maintain this momentum.”

Source: ET

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