Honda RoadSync Connectivity Tech to Debut in 2021

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Honda is a popular brand in the two-wheeler segment in India and the sales numbers back that up. In this technologically advanced era, high-end tech isn’t just limited to 4 wheels only. It is steadily finding its way into the 2-wheeler segment as well which helps the OEMs to establish and distinguish themselves in terms of the Technology offered. Honda too, is keen to offer this advance tech and hence, has introduced the Honda RoadSync which enables the connection between the rider’s smartphone and motorcycle for accessing navigation, messages, phone calls, etc.

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As mentioned before, the advanced and connected system tech isn’t now limited to cars simply. The rapid boom and growth in the tech-laden automobile demand and popularity, every OEM is trying to make sure that they don’t miss out on this offering and also a chance to lure in buyers.

Honda RoadsyncHence, we have seen massive leaps and bounds in the level, quality and amount of tech being offered. Connectivity and connected tech is one of the most sought after piece of tech probably. Next year, Honda will introduce HondaSync across a range of models and it will work with the Smartphone Voice Control Bluetooth module to allow for a number of different things. The Honda RoadSync enables a connection between the smartphone of the rider and the motorcycle, just like any other typical Bluetooth based application. It helps in controlling messages, phone calls, music and even navigation right on the go. First up, the RoadSync with Smartphone Voice Control Bluetooth module will be made available in models such as the CB1000R, Forza 750 and the x-Adv in 2021.

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In the international markets, it can be had as an optional extra in the Forza 350. The Honda RoadSync technology is enabled through a button that is operable from the handlebar pod and in case of the helmet of the rider through speakers and microphone. The rider will easily know the functions as they will be displayed on the instrument cluster while engaged and four essential actives can be monitored.

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For calls and also messages, the voice control tech can be used by mentioning five numbers or template messages that need to be entered beforehand. In addition, Honda RoadSync also displays the real-time weather forecasting for up to five hours and the existing weather of the current location.

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