Honda launching new motorcycle on March 11, 2013: is it the Honda CB150R Streetfire?

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New Honda bike india launch

Honda as a manufacturer has been extremely efficient in keeping their prospective launches under wraps. For instance, when was the last time one came across a Honda test mule doing test rounds on the highway? Difficult to recollect, isn’t it.

Come March 11th2013, and Keita Muramatsu (President & CEO, HMSI) would be unveiling a new motorcycle for the Indian market. The million dollar question would be “which bike”? If there is anything to go by the news doing rounds in cyberspace for some time now, the only motorcycle we could think of at the present would be the Honda CB150R Streetfire.

Though Honda has been tight-lipped about the bike at the moment, a statement related to the launch reads “It rides untamed integrating legendary Honda technology with great mileage”. The word “great mileage” might hint more towards another commuter motorcycle, but 150cc motorcycles aren’t bad at drinking habits either.


If launched, the Honda CB150R Streetfire minus the plastics would play a worthy competitor to the Yamaha R15 which has been the stumbling block for the more expensive Honda CBR150R. Retaining the same motor from the CBR150R, the Streetfire spells performance at the outset. The 150cc liquid cooled engine produces peak power of 17.5 bhp @ 10,500 rpm and torque of 12.5 Nm at 8500 rpm. The perimeter frame of the CBR150R has been replaced by a tubular steel diamond frame on the Streetfire. All these deductions would only be pushing the cost down paving way for a cheaper performance motorcycle.

So does this mark the Honda Streetfire CB150R India launch? We hope so! The results would be out in a week’s time.

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  • Gunj Kansara says:

    the bike is costly it price is very high the price should not go morethan 90,000 onroad.

  • Navendu says:

    Sorry to write another comment but couldn’t hold myself. 🙂

    With this bike being naked, projected as a city bike. It should have better low and mid range torque than the CBR150. (Guessing here).

    In that case (and if Honda homologates it), it can be a good rally bike. 😉

    Light weight.
    Good low and mid range.
    FI (for good performance in high altitudes).
    Well sorted suspension.
    Just replace the alloys (if needed) with spoke wheels (may be 19″ at front). Plonk dual purpose tyres and if needed, increase the front suspension travel. 😀

  • Navendu says:

    ‘Posers’ – That’s the kind of people who will hardly care about the performance but will want a ‘looker’ of a bike and ‘fairing’ is their primary item in the shopping list.
    Missing from CB150 & present in R15 and CBR150.
    These are the people, if my guess is right, contribute to a good amount of sale.

    ‘Enthusiast’ – They look for performance, even though they might not always red line the bike every time they twist the throttle. CB150, will be down on that, as compared to R15 or CBR150.
    While they are know the bikes, they don’t contribute to bikes sale as much as the above category. You can look around and see how many of ‘Enthusiast’ move to next new bike & how frequently.

    Now, coming back to CB150. If priced unlike Honda, its main competitors could be Pulsar180 and RTR180, as the these bikes could be falling in similar price bracket with similar(?) performance numbers.

    For comparison you can compare CB150 to R15 and CBR150 but as it has happen in past(in comparisons of unequal bikes, say 220 and Fazer):
    CB150’s +ve’s will be price and mileage.
    R15 and CBR150’s +ve’s will be performance.

    But if you will compare CB150 with RTR180 and P180, it could turn out to be a bit more tight competition.

  • Because there is a word “POSER” in a biker’s dictionary! Faired-fascination is such a common knowledge on the Indian Biker’s scenario. Do I need to show you pics of ZMAs/Pulsars fitted with ugly bulky fairings? Might be those guys took a crash course in aerodynamics before making those mods.

  • Navendu says:

    If that was the case, there is a Bajaj showroom below my office & I see more new 220’s than new 200NS being sold. Why?

    Why hasn’t 200NS completely killed the sales of R15 (remember your similar comment on pulsar group when pricing for 200NS was announced)? 200NS is cheaper & more powerful than R15.

    Why do I still see new ZMA(half fairing)/ZMR(full fairing) coming out of HMC showroom across the road, while I don’t see 200NS in similar number going out of this Bajaj showroom? 200NS is cheaper(?) than ZMR and is more powerful.