Honda Jazz And 4th Gen City Get Tested By Global NCAP!


The Global NCAP recently tested 4 cars for crash safety from the Indian market. 2 of these cars were the Honda Jazz and the 4th gen Honda city which scored a healthy 4-star rating. Interestingly, Global NCAP chose to test the 4th gen City instead of the more popular 5th gen model. Previously, the Global NCAP tested the Amaze which scored 4-stars as well.

Honda jazz global ncap crash test

How did they perform?

The Honda Jazz achieved four stars for adult with 13.89 points and three stars for child occupant protection with 31.54 point . The Jazz was tested in its most basic safety spec, fitted with two frontal airbags and ABS. During the assessment, it showed a stable structure. The Jazz does not have ISOFIX anchorages and it lacks ESC as well.

Honda Jazz global ncap report (1)

The Honda City achieved four stars for adult with 12.03 points and child occupant protection with 38.27 points. The City was also tested in its most basic variant with two frontal airbags, ISOFIX anchorages and ABS. During the assessment it showed an unstable structure and footwell area, good child occupant protection.

4th gen honda city global ncap report

Honda India: Upcoming launches

Due to the rise of turbo petrol engines in the Indian market, the 1.5-litre VTEC may fall short in terms of performance and efficiency. To solve this, Honda India is planning to launch the City Hybrid in mid 2022. The Honda City hybrid will come with Honda’s i-MMD hybrid technology which is also used by the other Honda cars in their global portfolio. The i-MMD technology is similar to the e:HEV technology which the new generation Jazz uses. It comprises two electric motors mated to an internal combustion engine. The 1.5 litre 4-cylinder naturally aspirated Atkinson Cycle petrol engine produces 98hp and 127nm of torque.

2020 Honda City Side Profile

The first electric motor is integrated into the engine and acts as an integrated starter generator(ISG). The second motor sends power to the wheels. It produces 109hp and 253 nm of torque and the power is sent to the front wheels via a single fixed ratio gearbox. The hybrid setup is also likely to enable three drive modes – one where just the electric motors are used, one where just the internal combustion engine runs (a lock-up clutch sends power to the wheels directly), and a third which allows for a combination of both. The City hybrid will be more efficient than the standard 1.5 litre version.



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