Honda to introduce Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, world’s first predictive cruise control system

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Honda-CR-V-Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

Here is another piece of technology that would make your driving experience even more effortless and safer. Honda will soon introduce world’s first predictive cruise control system. Known as Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (i-ACC), this new system will be capable of foreseeing and automatically reacting to other vehicles ‘cutting-in’ to the equipped vehicle’s lane.

Based on real-world research of typical European driving styles, i-ACC uses a camera and radar to sense the position of other vehicles on the road. It then applies an algorithm to predict the likelihood of vehicles in neighbouring lanes cutting-in by evaluating relations between multiple vehicles, enabling the equipped vehicle to react quickly, safely and comfortably. i-ACC recognises the side of the road you are driving on whether in the UK or on the continent and automatically detects which neighbouring vehicle is the most critical to be aware of at any given moment.

New Honda CR-V for Europe (8)

i-ACC will make its debut this year on the new European CR-V*, building upon the traditional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system. Traditional ACC systems keep a pre-selected longitudinal velocity, which is only reduced for maintaining a safe distance to a car in front. However, if a vehicle cuts-in from a neighboring lane, the traditional ACC system reacts later thus requiring stronger braking.

(*i-ACC will be available on the 2015 European CR-V, Executive grade only.)

The new i-ACC system is able to compute the likelihood of a cut-in up to five seconds before it occurs, and is therefore designed to react very smoothly so as not to startle the driver, who might not yet be aware of the imminent cut-in. In this case the system applies just a mild brake initially, with an icon appearing on the driver display , informing the driver why a slow-down occurs. It then proceeds to apply a stronger brake to adapt the velocity to keep a safe distance.

New Honda CR-V for Europe (10)

Dr. Schmuedderich, responsible for i-ACC at Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH comments, “i-ACC takes cruise control systems to a whole new level, offering what we call ‘predictive safety’. i-ACC is a significant breakthrough and a considerable further step towards a new generation of driver assistance systems that anticipate the behavior of other traffic participants.”

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