Update: Honda CBR250R bookings to start from Feb 2011 @ Rs 15k

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That Honda is bringing the CBR250R to India is no secret. However, some more information about the probable launch date, the prices and the booking amounts has been released by one of our dealer sources. We told you about the rough timeline and prices yesterday.Now Motorbeam is reporting the dates and prices of the CBR250R in exact detail.

The bookings for the CBR250R will officially start in the Indian market by March February 2011. The new bike and will most likely come at a sticker price of Rs 149,990 ex-showroom for the non-ABS version, and Rs 169,990 for the ABS version. As evident, both ABS and non-ABS versions of the motorcycle will be made available in the Indian market, and the price difference between the two models would be quite substantial (around Rs 20K, as we reported yesterday).

Internationally, the difference between Honda’s ABS and non-ABS versions of the CBR250R is $500, which translates into more than Rs 22000. However, Honda’s CABS has proven to be effective under emergency braking conditions, so if you care for safety, those 20 grand would be well spent.

From what our dealer sources tell us, the bookings would be made against a payment of Rs 15,000 -delivery time will depend entirely on the demand. The bike will be made available in the Indian market with a choice of four colors.

Source : motorbeam

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