Meet This Honda CB Twister With a ‘Scrambled’ Twist

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Fun and interesting are two backbencher terms in a discussion about commuter motorcycles. They are meant to do just one thing, to take you one place from another and do that effortlessly. Sure, it’s fun to ride slow bikes a little fast but then again, do they induce the same emotions as say, a more powerful and capable motorcycle would? Probably not. We aren’t downgrading the commuters because they are excellent at what they do but then again, most of them are bland in terms of looks and in their approach.

The curious case of Honda CB Twister

Manufacturers do try to mask this factor by introducing some visually attractive commuters and one such motorcycle was the Honda CB Twister. While it didn’t offer thrilling performance, it did manage to look attractive.

Custom Honda CB Twister

While it existed, it looked a lot better than its rivals and its successor, the Honda Livo, manages to pull off the same. We recently came across a custom motorcycle named ‘Scrambler 125’ by Thane-based Forscher customs which is basically a reincarnated version of the Honda CB Twister. The transformation from a humble commuter to a rugged-looking Scrambler is something which is hard to pull off. The custom motorcycle looks nothing like the stock motorcycle.

Custom details

Round headlamp setup is one of the most defining traits of a Scrambler. While the stock setup in the CB Twister was attractive to look at, it had to make way for a round illumination setup for this mod job.

Custom Honda CB Twister (2)

The front suspension is wrapped in fork gaiters to give it that much-needed bulk up front. While the stock CB Twister did look good, its skinny tyres were no less than an eyesore. If the same setup of tyres would have been retained here, it would have turned out to be no less than a prank. Fortunately, the stock tyres are replaced by what looks like dual-purpose tyres. Sitting above the headlight is a faux carbon-fibre windshield. The stock fuel tank seems like the stock one but now features aluminium-finished tank extensions. The same brushed aluminium treatment is also seen on the custom belly pan. The side panels have ‘Forscher customs’ proudly embossed on it. And the exhaust too, has received the same brushed aluminium treatment.

Custom Honda CB Twister (1)

Also seen is the new seating setup which looks sportier as compared to the stock one. The rear end too complements the rest of the design of the custom motorcycle and features custom tail lights and indicators. Some stock elements are carried over which include the braking setup, suspension, engine and the exhaust. Aftermarket rearview mirrors also add some visual flair. The Twister derived power from a 109.19cc, single-cylinder engine which produced  9 BHP at 8000 rpm and 8.97 Nm at 6000 rpm. It was mated to a 4-speed gearbox and weighed 108 kg. Though the custom motorcycle looks great, we would have still loved to see spoked-wheels which would have added to its Scrambler appeal.

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The CB Twister might be discontinued but this custom motorcycle shows us that when you have a creative mind and the determination to shape your ideas into reality, even a commuter motorcycle can be customized to look interesting.

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