Honda 700cc bike clearer images, is it the 2012 CBF700?

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Only yesterday we told you about this brand new Honda 700cc dual clutch machine, being tested in the beautiful Alps. However, the picture we showed you yesterday was smudged. Now clear pictures of the new bike have emerged on MotorcycleUSA.

The new bike may well be the 2012 CBF700. By the look of it, it seems like a pretty basic bike without too many frills, which means that the manufacturing costs should be low.  Which in turn means that it may make a lot of sense to be imported into developing markets such as India CKD route and be presented at a yummy price. There doesn’t see, to be any exotic bit on the new bike, save the fact that there isn’t a clutch lever – indicating a VFR1200F type twin clutch transmission, which may be the only bit which may push the cost up. Then again, the auto transmission may be offered as an option, and people may be given a choice to pay less and shift gears manually.

You can read more about the bike in our earlier post by clicking the link below, or discuss it in our Talks section

Honda to launch a 700cc dual clutch motorcycle

Image Courtesy: MotorcycleUSA, Brenda Priddy & Company

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