Hero MotoCorp Trademarks ‘VIDA’ Brand; Could It Be The Company’s EV Vertical?

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Hero MotoCorp is eager to enter the EV space in Indian Market. Just last week, the brand in its press release said that it is set to launch an E-scooter by March 2022. While we thought ‘Gogoro’ could become the sub-brand for Hero MotoCorp’s electric scooters, the brand has something different in mind. Hero MotoCorp has applied for trademarks of six names, all carrying the word ‘Vida’ with them. It is only plausible that ‘Vida’ could be the new sub-brand adhering to electric two-wheelers for Hero. Though we have all heard the name Hero Electric and it is indeed a lineage of the same family, but Hero MotoCorp cannot sell its EVs under the name ‘Hero Electric’ as the brand upholds its own identity and works independently.

Hero MotoCorp Vida Electric Patent

The six names are giving a taste of the wide variety of two-wheelers that Hero might have in mind. The applied-for names are; ‘Vida Electric’, ‘Vida EV’, ‘Vida Mobility’, ‘Vida Scooter’, ‘Vida Motorcycles’, and ‘Vida MotoCorp’. Even though Hero has only announced its plans for an electric scooter, these patents suggest that the brand might soon look into the electric motorcycle business. Providing a proper network of service stations, and charging stations is also a concern for EVs, and the names such as ‘Vida Electric’, and ‘Vida Mobility’ also point towards plans for building a network for EV customers.

Hero MotoCorp E Scooter

Hero MotoCorp has already partnered with many brands, like Gogoro for their swappable batteries on E-scooters. Moreover, Hero has some stakes at Ather Energy. This means we could see the Ather fast charging technology to be present on Hero EVs. As said in the press release, the company’s electric units will be manufactured in its Chittoor plant in Andra Pradesh.

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Hero MotoCorp is a big name in the petrol two-wheeler market, and we hope for it to deliver similar performance in the EV industry as well. It will be competing with all the present E-scooters including the Ola S1 and S1 Pro and Ather 450x. It will be interesting to see what Hero will offer at a time like this when the E-Scooter market is soaring to new heights and every other brand has something different to offer.

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