Caofen F80 Is One Cute Little Electric Enduro Bike That Can Take You To Places

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With the entry of electric vehicles, we are seeing a rise in the number of new brands trying to get a foothold in markets all around the globe. From brands adding EV manufacturing to their portfolio to new brands starting fresh, everyone sees the potential of electricity and wants to be a part of the revolution. Today we bring to you a new electric all-terrain motorcycle by Caofen. Caofen is a Chinese motorcycle brand and the F80 is an electric ‘Enduro-Bike’. With its F80, Caofen aims to make an entry into the European motorcycle market. Let’s see what the bike has on offer.


The design is as minimalistic as it can be. It completely corresponds to utility and no other cosmetic touches have been given to the bike.

Caofen F80 Front Profile Right

The bike looks rugged and strong in its stance. It gets block-pattern rubber stretched over the spoke wheels, for added grip and strength when the going gets tough. It also has a longer suspension travel for the USD suspension upfront and gets a spring mono-shock at the rear. Braking power comes from discs, both at the front and rear. We also get to see ABS on this bike. Probably the only modern elements on this bike (in terms of design) are the LED lighting at both ends and the LCD screen on the handlebar.

Caofen F80 Top Shot

The no-nonsense design of this bike helps it keep a lighter weight resulting in extreme movability in rough terrains. All and all the bike gives more of an MTB vibe, with its simple design and a rather slim appeal. Only the mid-section of the bike is a little bulky as it contains the battery and the motor.

Caofen F80 Front Profile


The bike is powered by a high-torque producing 8kW motor and is chain-driven. Though official figures are yet to be announced, the bike might have a power output of 11HP. This much power in such a lightweight bike will account for amazing power to weight ratios and the next to no delay in torque, from the electric motor will add up to giving a unique experience. The battery onboard this bike has enough juice to push it to 150Km in a single charge.

Caofen F80 Side Profile

This bike will make its first appearance at the International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition or EICMA, 2021.

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