Hero Group working on a 400cc diesel bike for India

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Hero Group (I have deleted Hero Honda five times in this post and converted it to Hero Group) is looking at diesel as a fuel option for the next generation of its bikes for the post Honda association era.

NDTV reports that the Hero Group is willing to do a Royal Enfield (the company launched a diesel bike) by making a diesel powered motorcycle and address an entirely new segment of buyers. The company is reported to be in talks with a Chennai based supplier for the components.  The bikes will sport engines over 400 cc which are currently undergoing certification testing at ARAI. If NDTV is to be believed, these bikes will hit the market by early 2013. The bikes will most likely be made at the company’s Dharuhera plant, where Hero is also gearing up to develop its own R&D facility. Expected nos. for the first year are 1,50,000 for the first year itself.

Hero Group is also looking at the possibility of licensed manufacturing of these engines in the future. Apparently the officials at Hero Group declined to comment on NDTV’s queries on the subject

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