50 ambulances donated by Shri Firodia Trust (Force Motors group)

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As part of the initiatives undertaken to commemorate the centenary of Shri Navalmal Kundanmal Firodia, the Shri Firodia Trust is donating 50 Ambulances to deserving small and medium institutions working in the field of providing medicare, particularly in rural India over the year 2010-11. Mrs Shribala Chordia, granddaughter of Shri N K Firodia is driving the activities of the trust.

Speaking at the function organized to hand over a few of the 50 ambulances that the trust is donating, Dr Abhay Firodia, Chairman Force Motors Ltd and son of Shri N K Firodia mentioned that the word “Autorickshaw” in common use today throughout our country was coined by Shri N K Firodia when he introduced the three wheeler motorized transport in India way back in 1948. The autorickshaw replaced the horse drawn tongas completely by the late sixties.

He also introduced the concept of light commercial vehicles in India by introducing the 3-wheeled Tempo vehicle and the diesel Matador vehicle. Over last half century the word “Tempo” has become a generic word for all makes of light commercial vehicles. He thus gave to the country two iconic names and products which have stood the test of time.

Shri N K Firodia’s life can be divided into three distinct phases:

  1. The first phase in pre independent India, as an active participant in the country’s freedom struggle undergoing brutal hardship with courage and dignity, having undergone imprisonment for a leading role, both in the Non–Cooperation Movement of 1932 and the Quit India Movement of 1942.
  2. After India gained independence, as a visionary industrialist, he strived to provide efficient, utilitarian vehicles that empower the individual entrepreneur to meet his and the country’s ever changing needs.
  3. And lastly as a passionate philanthropist, contributing generously of his time and wealth to help establish and strengthen several institutions, working for upliftment of the weaker sections and of the handicapped.

Mrs. Indira Firodia and Mrs. Sunanda Mehta handed over the keys of the ambulance to Dr V G Vaidya, Managing Director of the Lokmanya Medical Services and Research Centers. And to Shri. Vinod Shah, Chairman of the Jan Seva Foundation at their residence in Pune.

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