Here’s A Trick You Shouldn’t Fall For While Driving On Indian Roads [Video]

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Driving on Indian roads is no simple task considering the congestion of vehicles and the condition of roads in most parts of the country. This may lead to unwanted incidents which might give the people around a headache. Accidents of small to big nature are quite common on the Indian roads, however, we have a unique example with us today.

Trickmasters astride a scooter managed to fool a car driver into thinking that something’s wrong with the front section of the vehicle. As the person steps out to check what the problem might be, another gang member approaches the car’s rear door and vanishes with some valuables placed on the rear seat.

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How The Thieves Executed Their Plan

The car in question here is a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. The miscreants are divided into groups of two each on a two-wheeler. The Ciaz takes a turn and is then overtaken by two men on a scooter who point to the owner about some damage to the front section. The owner stops his car, gets out and looks at the left front wheel arch which the men were pointing at.

At this point, the second group comes up and stops their two-wheeler a few feet away from the car and engages the owner of the car into a conversation expectedly about the damage. Meanwhile, a person from the same gang slowly creeps up from the back of the car and takes the bag of the owner from the rear seat by opening the right rear door.

At this point in time, the owner is away on the front left side of the car and a few feet away from it. This created a blind spot which the man from behind took advantage of. It was not until someone else from nearby spotted the theft and brought it to the owner’s notice. By that time it was too late and the thieves had done their job and fled the scene.

What went wrong?

The car owner’s first mistake was that he left his bag on the rear seat, visible to prying eyes. It is never advisable to keep your valuables on the rear seat when you are travelling alone. It should be kept inside the boot or in an area inside the cabin which isn’t easily visible through the windows.

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Secondly, the owner made the mistake of engaging in a conversation with the unknown bike duo without locking his car. As soon as they were able to attract his full attention, the group was able to get hold of the bag without them getting noticed. If the owner of the car had been a little attentive, this unfortunate incident might have been avoided. We hope this might help our readers be a little judicious when they come across such situations.

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  • Nitin says:

    Ok so no fault of the actual perpetrators. It was poor old guy’s mistake. Can you please not do this type of journalism? The least we can do is help that man catch those thieves.