Heat waves continue to lash the country, roads begin to melt in Gujarat

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Roads melting in Gujarat

Rising temperatures as well as heat waves have been taking a heavy toll on citizens across the country. In spite of the onset of the monsoon not being too far away, the temperature just doesn’t seem to come down. The seriousness of the issue can be attributed with what people from a small town of Gujarat witnessed.

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Reports suggest that the surge in temperatures is such that even the roads in the city of Valsad have begun to melt. Pedestrians crossing the roads suffered the most as the following video suggests. One can see the footwear of the pedestrians sticking to the tar.

Roads melting in Gujarat 1

Kids, adults and senior citizens had a tough time with one senior citizen even falling to the ground as a result of her footwear getting stuck to the melting road. A young kid can be seen trying to retrieve his flip-flops before he struggles to make a run barefoot in the scorching heat. This is not the first case of roads melting. Last year, the national capital also suffered the brunt of the brutal heatwaves.

Following is a video of the roads melting in Valsad, Gujarat:

Source: Times Now

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