Nagpur does a clever jugaad to keep its riders cool this summer


Nagpur Jugaad (1)

The already unbearable summer has taken its heat to the next level of un-awesomeness. It has become a season or a reason why nobody wishes to get out of the air conditioned spaces and face the heat waves. While it is disturbing for all equally, but travellers on two wheels have to bear a bit more. Some regulars who geared up with gloves, jackets, balaclavas and helmets feel fire through their veins once out in the sun; if they don’t gear up that way then tan wouldn’t spare them. In order to provide some relief to motorists, officials from regional authorities have come up with a clever jugaad.

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The cool and shady idea has been thought about and executed in one of the hottest city of India – Nagpur. Nagpur city is said to have a tropical climate but stays dry for the most part of the year and is recorded to cross the threshold of 40 degree Celsius. Authorities of the city have instated an idea to provide help to the motorists by putting up shades at traffic signals. These green coloured shades seem to be the ones used in greenhouses to protect the plants from UV rays and extra bombarding sunlight.  A gigantic piece of green cloth is tied up to street light poles and trees and float just above the signal.

Nagpur Jugaad (2)

The suspended green cloth not only provides relief to the motorists but also keeps them from breaking traffic rules. The jugaad is happily welcomed by riders and they prefer to stay under the sheath for few extra minutes instead of riding under the sun. These initiatives are cool and provide short-term aid to the problem but it is time to come up with an actual solution. Everybody wants to park their cars and bikes under the shade but nobody wants to plant a tree. Officials and authorities should  encourage the masses and conduct tree-planting drives. We need to put our act together and get the greens and the blues back.

A couple of days ago we updated you guys the air pollution problems that we earthlings are facing due to falsifying important test results, installation of cheat devices and cover ups. The consequences of all of these wrong doings are taking away the greens which finally result into an international incident we know as Global Warming. The topic is deep and vast if we start discussing it; a lot of questions will crop up and many debates will emerge. But for every question that will arise, there will be just one simple answer – plant a tree.

source: ANI

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