Lewis Hamilton sets the Chennai track on fire and burns all the rubber!

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Hoardings saying ‘Meet your favourite stars’ is nothing new. From soap companies to cold drink manufacturers, everyone knows how good a fan feels to see his favourite actor, actress or like in our case, race drivers.

Though a big marketing technique, it actually is a very noble idea to let the fans meet the ‘stars’. But most of the advertisements have just one lucky winner. Out of the thousands of lakhs of people who waste, er, spend their money on these contests just one of them gets a chance to meet the STARS. But Telecom giant Vodafone had something better to offer its customers.

Vodafone was loud enough in publicizing this event of theirs, but later did I come to know that Lewis was actually coming to India, instead of some ‘lucky’ winners going there. And the ‘lucky one’ here wasn’t just be one. Every single Vodafone customer could have attended the event, but yes the ‘lucky ones’ concept applied here too. There were a lucky few who got a chance to sit in a Lewis -driven Merc around the Chennai racetrack to enjoy the G-forces and the sideways action, sitting next to the young legend.

Nikhil Chinappa, the multi-talented host kept entertaining the crowd till Mr. Hamilton reached. Once he arrived there wasn’t even a minute of boredome after that. Sideways action, burning rubber, fast lap times meant huge amount of adrenaline rushed through everyone’s viens.

The Hot Laps 2010 India was second of its kind in the whole world. Vodafone had earlier organised similar event but that was in UK. And we Indians got lucky now. The winners of the “Vodafone Hot Laps with Lewis Hamilton” contest got their chance of going around the MMSC track with Hamilton driving the car. An on-spot contest winner, a lucky Vodafone employee and some of the big guns from the industry got their chance too.

Nikhil Chinappa got into the back seat for one of the laps and the actor Vikram too went for a fast lap around the track.

As Lewis was involved, burnt tyres was something everyone was expecting and finally his generous use of rubber killed one of the CLS 63’s rear tyres. He had fun burning rubber and the audience enjoyed seeing it!

Lewis enjoyed coming to India again and is looking forward to come back soon, once the Indian GP is finalised. Lewis said, “It feels great to be back n India and I would like to thank Vodafone for inviting me here once again. The joy of racing on a track is something different and it makes the visit even more special. The passion for Formula One racing is immense in this country and interacting with such an enthusiastic audience was an absolute delight. I am looking forward to an Indian Grand Prix from next year, which will guarantee that I keep visiting and will ensure that I get a chance to remain connected with all my fans here in India.”

Indian food is something he loves to have and so does his girlfriend, who he referred to as his favourite Pitgirl.

We hope to see you back in the country soon Lewis. After all you managed to win every single heart on the track and off the track too, ask the girls(and the boys too) who visited the track. And yes, I heard some of the boys praying that the next time you come here, you bring Miss Scherzinger with you.

Enjoy the pics!

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    This product if launched in India with New Merceded CDI engine,and if Force Motors,offer no compromise on quality finish,with a price tag of Rs.10-12 Lacs,should open a New chapter in the history of Force Motors

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    good work men…………