My Motogp-Sepang 2010 Experience

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The thought of watching a live Motogp race had been in the back of mind for quite some years, but this thought took the shape of a decision when Rossi announced his switch to Ducati from Yamaha, being a Rossi fan (who really isnt?) and also a Yamaha enthusiast I decided Sepang the venue to watch the master in action for the last time on a Yamaha in Asia, hence started the preparation of collecting info about Sepang.

After about 2 months of saving money and convincing parents that it is OK to go to Malaysia only to watch a motorcycle race, I flew into Malaysia and was greeted at the airport by Lamborghini at the Cargo terminal being packed or unpacked, on the way to the hotel from the airport during the night I had the first glimpse of the Sepang F1 track from the expressway lit beautifully and I lost myself in the thoughts of all the action about to unfold during the next 3 days and wondered what a fantastic venue it would make for a night race (anyone from Dorna listening?)…

I collected the race tickets from my friend’s place and headed to Sepang and only one word can describe this track “HUGE”, the MMSC and the Kari look like dwarfs in front of this Gulliver..

I don’t want to say anything about the race results or any statistics of the track which can be found on any motorcycle racing portal or forums, but these 3 days are one of the best days of my life..

125s are loud, but the Moto2 and Motogp machines just pound your ears such that your heart prays to get of the ribcage…

The Hondas are loud but sweet (signs of me falling in love with the Honda motorcycles), Yamahas grunt with poise, but the Ducatis just scream in any rpm.

I wondered why is it that people use earplugs when these engineering marvels churn out some very fantastic tones…with the BMW X6 Safety car as the Bass-drum  and the BMW M5 as the side-drum in this musical symphony…I used to just close my eyes and savoir this live concert of motorcycles..

I had finally found peace…

The feeling of watching a live Motogp race with fans from nearly every corner of the world is an experience I cant put in words, the fans, those flags, their T-shirts, body language, face/body paints, the tempo, just unbelievable..

I may never see any of them ever but the feeling of a belonging, togetherness as a community, as a fraternity is what makes this an experience of a lifetime…

Also add the pleasure of watching some of the best motorcycles on the planet in the parking lot and the display arena..

Guys,start saving up  for the races of the next season…

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