The Great Wall of China is Coming to India!

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The Great Wall of China is coming to India! Before you start thinking that I have had too much to drink, let me clarify that the Great Wall is a Chinese car and SUV maker that has been busy testing its Haval H5 SUV in India since some time. It has now emerged that the auto maker from China is contemplating a manufacturing plant and dealer network for its Indian operations. This could be a reality by 2016 and it would mean that the Great Wall Motors China and ICML won’t see a partnership.

The Haval H5 SUV and the Wingle Pick Up Truck are two Great Wall products that have good chances of making it to India. Earlier, it was being said that these two vehicles would be launched in India after a tip up with ICML. However, it is now uncertain if ICML would have anything to do with Great Wall products as the Chinese car maker now wishes to enter Indian market independently.


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