Grand Tour Season 2 Trailer Promises Fast Cars, Crazy Antics and a Monkey Co-Star!

The teaser for the second season of Amazon Prime's Grand Tour is out and it promises a monkey co-host among others. Check it out here.

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Television’s favourite crazy trio – Jeremy “The Orangutan” Clarkson, James “Captain Slow” May and Richard “Hamster” Hammond are back with the latest season of their automotive show, The Grand Tour.

The first teaser, released on the Prime day by Amazon, packs in a lot of excitement in its short 35 seconds span. It seems that earlier, the teaser was only available to Prime subscribers but later it was released for others via YouTube and other social media handles of the Grand Tour.


Nonetheless, it packs in a lot of fast cars – Mercedes’ slick new AMG GT, a McLaren 720S, the Bugatti Chiron, neat Jaguar XJs and the beautiful Rimac Concept_One. The Hamster is also seen bashing across dunes in the magnificent Howe and Howe Technologies Ripsaw Tank.


In typical GT fashion, there is a lot of non-car action as well – we can see teasers of fire-fighting jets, dancing planes on the runway and what could be a special journey by the trio in three pick-up trucks.


We are told that we will also get to see the Lamborghini Aventador S, Honda’s savvy NSX, the manic Ariel Nomad and the Audi TT RS. What we cannot yet explain, however, is the promise of monkey business and this time, they don’t seem to be referring to the antics of the wacky trio. The monkey appears at the end of the trailer as well, as he walks up and plucks away the numeral from “Season 2”.

Season One: 27 cars destroyed and over 1.4 billion miles travelled : The Grand Tour is less than two weeks away


Amazon has promised a launch date in October which comes as a pleasant surprise as Hammond’s massive accident in the Rimac had sent the whole team in a tizzy. We had heard that the other co-stars had to redesign the entire script so as to be able to complete the show in time.


We cannot be more excited as we look forward to seeing the three 50-something babies hit our television screens again. This time, joined by another monkey.

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