Goodyear introduces Assurance Fuel Max tyres

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With the Big day of the Budget 2011 nearing, everyone is worried about the final budget especially the eyeballs are on the rates of oil. Petrol and Diesel rates are already sky rocketing and people are finding it difficult to cope with the issue.  We can’t really control the prices of oil but we can learn to extract the maximum out of every litre of fuel. One of the factors that affect fuel economy is tyres. Keeping this in mind Goodyear has launched their new Assurance Fuel Max Tyres.

Featuring low rolling resistance these tyres are claimed to give around 4% more fuel efficiency and 15% longer mileage compared to conventional tyres.

Assurance Fuel Max has an advanced fuel silica compound which reduces friction between tyres rubber molecule and provide high resistance to scrape resulting in higher fuel efficiency and longer life of the tyre.

These tyres are made for family, mid segment, premium segment market consumers looking for sheer value of money doubled with safety. Goodyear claims that these tyres feature strong grip, puncture resistance, shorter braking distance & anti –skid technology.

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