Golf is Europe’s favorite.

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The VW Mk VI Golf

The VW Mk VI Golf has yet again topped the sales charts as Europe’s bestselling car. Thanks to the scrappage scheme initiatives by various governments the European markets have witnessed a massive growth in sales numbers. 59,552 Golf’s moved off the shelves in September. What a fine car it is. There is nothing, and I mean it, nothing you can complain about this car, this car has it all. No other car personifies the meaning of the word ‘benchmark’ more than a Golf. The Jetta that VW sell here is based on the previous generation Golf. Wonder when Mk VI Jetta will come to India or will VW skip a generation and directly bring in the Jetta Mk VII?

Ford’s dynamic new Fiesta
Ford’s dynamic new Fiesta came in second with sales of 51,291 units. The Fiesta that is available in Europe is again not what we have in India, not even the one on which the (upcoming!) Figo is based on, even that is old, but this (pictured above) is our firm favorite. Fun to drive, perfectly proportioned and beautiful, it doesn’t get any better than this.

The Corsa

The Corsa may be long forgotten in India but it still rakes up good numbers elsewhere in the world. Note that this one is more than a couple of generations newer than what we had in India though. It sold a respectable 38,947 units in September.

The Europeans really do love their super-minis, and logically, I think they are absolutely right, nothing more is really required to carry 5 people and their luggage. I have never quite understood why the Americans buy ‘pick-ups,’ Australians buy their ‘utes’, Japs’ buy the ‘Kei’ cars or Indian folks’ love for sedans.

Mihir Gadre

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