Glohh comes up with LED taillamps for Range Rover Sport

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Glohh has come up with a set of LED tallamps for the first gen Range Rover Sport. These taillights, by the specialist UK-based automotive light manufacturer, have been named as GL-3 and are available with immediate effect.

Lead Designer Dr Faheem Rafiq said: “When production of one of the most popular and iconic cars of our times ended, we wanted to give this modern-day classic a new lease of life with a unique, unmistakable contemporary design,and bring innovative and dynamic technology to its traditional taillights.

It may be noted that the market for automotive lighting, particularly LED units, is developing rapidly. “By manufacturing the world’s first fully-integrated LED taillight for the Range Rover Sport, we have innovatively combined strong aesthetics with high performance and efficiency,” said Rafiq, who established Glohh in 2011.


The design for Glohh GL-3 LED taillamps for Range Rover Sport have been inspired by fashion, nature and industrial architecture. “The vision was always to create a light that made a powerful statement, whilst ensuring a harmonious fusion of geometry, optics and modernity to create a beautiful and balanced design.”, Rafiq added.

The main design features of the new taillights are the three optics (glowing optics) illuminated by LEDs. “Through the ‘glowing elements’, we wanted to create a distinctive, head-turning look, which complemented the shape and contours of the Range Rover Sport whilst unleashing the vehicle’s character – in just the same way that eyeliner emphasises the eye,” explained Rafiq.

The first gen Range Rover Sport ceased in May 2013, after the sale of more than 380,000 copies. 

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