Genrous dealer discounts being offered on select 2014 BMW models

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New 2013 BMW 320D India (31)

Good news for those on a hunt for a new premium car this year. Select BMW dealers have been unable to clear some of its stock from the previous year, and as a result, are offering generous discounts on selective models, manufactured in 2014. Moreover, these unofficial discounts are on the pre-excise duty hike prices, which were applicable for 2014. That means, compared to the current 2015 price, you’d be paying 5% less in any case.

BMW 5 series

While most would think about drawing a reduced resale price for buying a previous year model, even before they’ve bought their new car. The lesser price you get, whenever you sell the machine, would anyways be offset by the discount that is being offered at this time. And since there isn’t any upgrade both cars have gone through between then and now, we think this is an offer too hard to resist if you have the money, and a German car is on your mind.

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