From October this Year, Indian Government will Mandate Pedestrian Safety Features

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There are cases when there are two parties involved in a crash, one inside the vehicle and one outside the vehicle, while new safety norms and features have been brought in to cater to the occupants of the vehicle, pedestrian safety has been neglected in our country for quite some time. That is about to change now, from this October pedestrian safety features will be made mandatory on all Indian cars by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). Mr Abhay Damle, Joint Secretary, MoRTH, while launching the initiative said ” Advanced Safety features  in all vehicles in India as vehicle safety cannot be confined to luxury vehicles only . Features like Anti Lock braking have already been mandatory in Two wheelers and by next month (October 2018) all new cars will have pedestrian safety feature including new design of the bonnet to reduce impact on pedestrians during accidents”

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The ministry aims to match safety standards of the USA by the year 2022, Mr Damle further added, “By the year 2022 most of our vehicle safety will be at par with global standards and some safety features may surpass United  States safety standards even. But real challenge is bringing in maximum safety at affordable cost so that cost of vehicles does not go up steeply. ” Global NCAP also launched a new Stop The Crash initiative in India which focuses on driver aids which would work to prevent a crash from happening. Stop the Crash is a global initiative which has multiple stakeholders campaigning for the widest availability of these road safety technologies worldwide.

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“‘Stop The Crash’ initiative was launched at Budh International Circuit (BIC)  in Greater Noida, India’s only F1 track accompanied with  live demonstrations of advanced crash avoidance technologies that are capable of preventing many types of vehicle collision before they happen. The demonstrations included showcase of  how much safer cars or Two wheelers can get with the likes of Electronic Stability Control (ESC)  and Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Anti Lock Brakes (ABS) for Two Wheelers “ said  Mr. David Ward, Secretary General of Global NCAP and Chairman of the ‘Stop the Crash’ Partnership at launch of the initiative in India.

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