VIDEO: Child Miraculously Escapes after Being Run Over by a WagonR

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As a responsible driver, one must ensure to check their surroundings before moving in and out of a parking spot, especially when you observe kids playing nearby your car. In this video, we see an irresponsible driver running a kid over by her WagonR inside what appears a society complex. Fortunately, we see the kid escapes unhurt but must be in a state of shock after facing an almost deathly situation during a casual game of football with friends. The lady can be given a benefit of doubt since the kid may have been in her blind spot when she took the car out off her parking space. However, it also must be noted that the lady did not even stop despite a kid hit her bumper and even the passenger door was not securely locked makes us question her driving ability.

WagonR runs over kid door open

We as citizens of India must realise a driving license is a given to us a privilege and our government trust us to drive responsibly after awarding it to us. Agreed a parking lot is not the most ideal places to have kids playing around but given the lack of space in our cities and building complexes, any space large enough should do the job for kids to enjoy and play with their mates. As parents, we must also teach our kids to stay safe while playing in such places, the kid should have known that the lady is going to take the car out and should have found another spot to tie up his shoelace.

WagonR runs over kid impact

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Thanks to the high ground clearance of the vehicle the kid was lucky enough to escape unhurt despite missing the front wheel by inches. We hope appropriate action is taken against the driver for her negligence and the kids also learn a lesson on their own safety while playing. We also hope the kid recovers quickly from this incident and continues to play on with his friends without any fear in his mind. What is your take on this crash? Watch the video below and do let us know in the comments.

Lucky kid

Posted by Tushar Kevadiya on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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