Ford Mach-E Sets A Guinness World Record; Here Are All The Details!

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When it comes to a car’s attributes, the engine and mileage are both important considerations. Similarly, in an electric vehicle, the range provided by the vehicle is important. In terms of range, Ford’s electric vehicle Mustang Mach E has made a new world record in the Guinness World Records.

More Details

Mach E is an electric offering by the American automaker Ford. It is compared to Tesla’s Model Y in terms of features and body style. Recently, Ford has managed to create a new Guinness World Record for EV range/efficiency.

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As per the new record claim, the battery-powered crossover SUV has achieved a range of 6.54 miles (10.52 km) per kilowatt-hour during an 840-mile (1351 km) road trip. The performance electric SUV was driven by BBC transport correspondent Paul Clifton and Fergal McGrath and Kevin Brooker, who already have held similar records on ICE-powered vehicles.

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The trip started on July 3 and the average speed for the trip was kept at 49.88 Kmph (31 miles) The car was driven from John o’ Groats to Land’s End, covering the entire length of Great Britain. Interestingly, only two stopping points were involved in the entire trip. The team took the first stop at a BP Pulse station in Wigan, Lancashire, while the second stop was taken in Cullompton, Devon, consuming just about 45 minutes plugged in.

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Statement by the team

The team shared via Autocar:

“This record is about demonstrating that electric cars are now viable for everyone. Not just for short urban trips to work or the shops or as a second car, but for real-world use on long cross-country journeys. We’ve proved that, with this car, the tipping point has been reached. The Ford Mustang Mach-E’s range and efficiency make it an everyday car for tackling unpredictable journey patterns. We did a full day’s testing totaling 250 miles and still had 45% battery charge on our return.”


Ford Mustang Mach E is powered by two battery packs. The first one is a 68 kWh battery pack which produces 266 bhp of power and 260 Nm of torque and range is about 340-370 km (EPA rating). While the second battery pack is 88 kWh which gives out a massive 600 bhp of power and a staggering 800 Nm of peak torque. The range of this variant is about 500 km.

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If compared to its rivals regarding the EPA-rated efficiency, Mach E has done tremendously well.

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