Ford Classic Prices Slashed, Now Starts at Rs 4.88 lakh

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Fiesta Classic travelogue roadtrip to Bhogwe and Niyati (12)

Ford India have reduced the prices for their entry level Classic sedan to make it even more lucrative for the first time car buyers. It’s notable that with the launch of the Honda Amaze and more recently the Hyunai Xcent, the entry level sedan segment has become a fiercely contested segment. The prices of the new products are extremely competitive too, which requires relatively older products like the Fiesta Classic to be priced even more aggressively to make sense for the price conscious customer

The price of the Ford Classic has been revised to Rs 4.88 lakh ex-showroom. The new price is a reduction of about 10K from the earlier price.

The Classic, which once sold as the Fiesta, and was re-branded as the Classic after the advent of the new Fiesta has always been considered one of the more fun to drive cars in its segment. The 1.4 liter diesel engine on the car is very tractacble, linear and frugal too. Thenm there is the 1.6 liter petrol which also caught the fancy of the enthusiasts with its sporty character.

Do let us know whether the reduction in prices would be able to make any difference to the sales of this Ford product

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