Food enthusiasts get together to discover & experience Mumbai’s charming cafes on the Mahindra Gusto




Mahindra Gusto #GustoRides

Leading food aficionados Amrita Rana, Kalyan Karmarkar and Vivek Bhatia have initiated a digital campaign inviting passionate food lovers to join them on an unique ride on the Mahindra Gusto scooter. The riders will get an opportunity to visit some of the famous & iconic food joints in Mumbai along with the food gurus. Seems like a fun ride with all the right ingredients: scrumptious food, fun-loving people, charming soulful eateries, and alluring Mumbai.

There is a lot of buzz being created online – amongst ardent food lovers, bloggers, photographers and enthusiasts; all bound by one common passion – their love for exploring and discovering food. There have been over a million interactions on Twitter with #GustoRides, since it started trending in India on April 8!

 To be a part of the #GoGustoRides, one has to simply visit the Mahindra Scooters Facebook page or Twitter Handle  and participate by answering a simple question of the day. Winners get to join the joyride on 12th of April in Mumbai. The contest runs from 7th April to 10th April 2015. For more details one can visit

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