Five exciting used bikes under 40000 rupees!

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After having reported about five used cars under 100000 rupees (in both sedan and hatchback segment), I’ve come up with a list of five fairly exciting used bikes under 40000 rupees of asking price. Unlike my four wheeler lists, where most of the vehicles mentioned are not on sale anymore, four of the five bikes listed below are still on sale here and this further enhances the novelty value of these products. The fifth bike here, though not on sale since over a decade now, is very close to my  heart and this bike here has such an effect over the bike aficionados of our country that people are still willing to pay substantial amounts to bring this model home. Also, some of you might argue that going for a new entry level 100cc bikes over these bikes here is a much more sensible option, I would like to say that while you won’t be entirely wrong to think on above lines, these bikes should appeal much more to new bikers, who wish to enjoy the power and style that comes associated with these machines and yet, don’t want to spend a lot of dough on their first bike ever. Also, these bikes would also appeal to those few who require a second motorcycle in their garage (I am, for instance, one of these few). Anyway, without wishing to beat around the bush any longer, here is a list of five exciting used bikes under 40000 rupees.

(Arranged in Alphabetical order of names)

Bajaj Pulsar 180


The Bajaj Pulsar 180 has been on sale since over a decade now and has received almost half a dozen upgrades since it was first launched in India. The Pulsar 180 has always been known for its eager motor, long features list (for its segment) and cheap spares. While the latest set of upgrade for the P180 is the UG4, it will be fairly easy to get a UG3 version, which looks almost the same and has only a little less power. What it also misses out on is the UG4’s clip ons, split seats and double cradle frame, but that doesn’t make the P180 UG3 any less exciting. A rev happy motor, the style that comes associated with a Pulsar, a plethora of features, and Bajaj after sales back-up make the Pulsar 180 a really hard to ignore option in the used bike market.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi


Easily the most powerful bike here, the Bajaj Pulsar DTSi is still among the most desirable Indian performance bikes this side of the INR 1 lakhs mark. In the used market though, finding a 2009 model P220, with an asking price of around INR 40000, isn’t really a Herculean task. Powered by a 220cc carbureted single cylinder engine, the P220 enjoys a max power of 21PS, with peak torque pegged at around 19 Nm. What also work in favour of this bike are the excellent headlamps, long features list and a decent ride quality. Also available in the used bike market is the 220 DTSFi, which is nothing but the fuel injected iteration of the P220. However, thanks to this model being BAL’s first even fuel injected bike, several issued were reported and we believe that it would be best to stay away from the lucratively priced, but trouble-prone, fuel injected model.

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Hero Karizma


If the P220 is here, can the ZMA be far behind? The Hero Karizma might be old but it still enjoys quite a brand image among the youngsters and the proverbial tourers in the country. Equipped with a 223cc carbureted engine, the ZMA doesn’t enjoy class leading power but what it does boast of is high refinement levels, a good ride-handling bias, and reliability that bikes like P220 can only dream of. For around INR 40000, you can easily get your hands on 2008-2009 model, with around 35000-45000 kms on the odo. However, keep in mind that while the bike is fairly reliable, spares are far from cheap and later models are known for poor plastic quality. Hence, it is advisable to check for cracked plastic panels. Also, make sure that the bike requires no immediate expenses, such as that from clutch plates/chain-sprocket replacement. The Karizma is not perfect and we dare say, even quite dated but it still is a fairly enjoyable product.

TVS Apache RTR160


The smallest bike among the models we’ve discussed so far, the TVS Apache RTR160 is still a very enjoyable bike that delivers strongly on the thrill factor. We advise you to look for 2009/2010 models, with not more than 35000 kms on the odo. The TVS Apache RTR160 boasts of a free-revving engine that is quite a punchy performer, and on the same time delivers respectable fuel efficiency. What’s even better is the fact that TVS has a wide service network and spares are far cheaper than those of the ZMA and in some cases, even the Hunk. The TVS Apache RTR160 weighs just 125 kgs and has a max power of more than 15bhp, which means that the bike enjoys excellent power-to-weight ratio. Upgrade to better quality rubber is highly recommended if you wish to explore this bike’s nimbleness to the fullest. Considerably stylish, peppy, reasonably fuel efficient, and a decent corner carver, that’s Apache RTR160 for you.

Yamaha RX 100


The RX 100 is the smallest and the least powerful bike here. Yet, it is easily the most exciting bikes to have ever been sold in the country. Powered by a 98 cc two-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled motor, the bike enjoyed 11 bhp of max power, along with dry weight of just 95 kgs. The RX 100 spawned many new engine variants, with the most noteworthy being the RX135, which was sold between 1995 and 2001. Also launched was the RXZ. Both had a five-speed gearbox and a Catalytic converter silencer. The final variant was a four-speed RX 135 with a catalytic converter, sporting a fuel gauge and speedometer with white dials. This variant was sold very briefly in 2003. Even though the RX 100 is really old, it still enjoys a good popularity in the tuning circles and has a plethora of parts available in the aftermarket. While we’ve seen prices as high as INR 55,000 for some late 80s model, it still is easy to get your hands on one of these for as less as INR 15,000. A budget of INR 30,000 can fetch you a good example, with no immediate work required.

So, on which one of these used bikes under 40000 rupees have you set your eyes on? 


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  • A.Syed Shajith says:

    I want
    Rx 100

  • Abhiram Sakleshpur thats what i'm trying to say bro it is the little beast and in lower rpms no one can even catch it…….

  • Sistla Sudeshsharma in terms of measurable hp, rx has the lowest…doesn't mean its the slowest. Also, an rx would only win a drag race against something like a p220 if the race is really short…when the 220 gets into the higher rpms, there's not much the rx100 can do..rxz is another matter though..

  • Vaibhav Lakhotia says:

    Thats a nice list but i guess Rx135 wud have been better.And if its excitement we are talking about even the original CBZ is a good one.It has got a charm of its own.Hows that to own right now???

  • Rakesh Gowda says:

    P220 seems like the perfect bet :D. . .