Fiat Punto Evo in New Music Video from ‘Faithless’

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The new Fiat Punto Evo is the star of a new music video released to promote the latest single from dance act Faithless. Fiat and Faithless have produced the three minute video called ‘Feelin Good’ which will also be featured as a TV commercial. The unique combination of a promotional video and TV commercial is a first for the music video and car advertising worlds and was first shown on Sunday the 15th of August, 2010.
“Set to be one the biggest music video productions of the year, the Feelin Good video plot follows the exploits of a young man and woman, whose incredible dance moves are directly affected by the movements of small dots hanging from the rear view mirrors of the two Fiat Punto Evos.” an official company statement reads.
Fiat has also announced the launch of a Special Edition Feelin Good Punto Evo in the UK, which will feature a 15- inch alloy wheels, metallic paint, sports bumpers, Blue&Me information and entertainment system, Start&Stop, rear spoiler, dar tinted headlights and adaptive cornering foglights. The three door model will cost GBP 9,595.
Catch the ‘Prommercial’ video below:

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