February sales of Bajaj Auto motorcycles take a 21% dip YOY

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Bajaj Auto has posted a 21% drop in sales for February, year-on-year. The two-wheeler manufacturer sold 2,16,077 units, as against 2,73,323 units in February 2014. Sales of Bajaj Auto commercial vehicles (including auto-rickshaws and Light Commercial Vehicles) took a plunge, too. Their sales dropping by as much as 32%, from 39,971 units in February 2014, to just 27,242 units last month.


Bajaj’s commercial vehicles range also includes the RE range of auto-rickshaws.

Export sales for the company tanked last month, as it stooped down by 20% when compared to the manufacturer’s export performance in February of last year. The figures dived down from 1,42,009 units to 1,12,909 units. The total sales figures for the domestic market, including the sales of two-wheelers and commercial vehicles, stood at 2,43,319 units in February 2015. That figure stood at 3,13,294 units in February 2014, a drop in sales of 22%, overall. 

2014 Bajaj Discover F & S (3)

Sales of motorcycles was down by 21%, with 2,16,077 units sold.

Bajaj Auto sold 31,51,825 motorcycles in the April ’13 – February ’14 fiscal. That figure came down to 30,82,147 units for the fiscal of April ’14 – February ’15, a deficit in sales of 2%. However, it’s not all negative for Bajaj Auto. Sales of commercial vehicles (CV) and exports did pretty well for themselves and each climbed the ladder by 16%, YOY. The numbers for CVs stand at 4,78,450 units, as against 4,13,935 units. And the numbers for the exports reached 17,07,375 units, compared to the previous year’s 14,65,752 units.


Exclusive Motoroids scoop of the company’s latest Pulsar 200SS at a dealership.

The total sales of motorcycles and commercial vehicles by Bajaj Auto for the April ’14 – February ’15 fiscal was 35,60,597 units, which is marginally lower than the previous fiscal’s 35,60,597 units.

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