FCA India Slashes Prices of Fiat Cars; Linea Range Now Priced under INR 10 lakh Ex-Showroom

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FCA India has reduced prices of the Fiat Linea and Fiat Punto EVO range of cars by up to 7.3% on the former and close to 7% on the latter.

The new prices will be applicable with immediate effect on the current model year of the Linea and Punto EVO. This move brings the Linea range under the Rs. 10 lakhs (ex-showroom).

Fiat Range Price Realignment 2017
Fiat Range Old MSRP (INR)

2016 prices


Effective: Jan 2, 2017

Difference (INR)
Fiat Linea (Power Up)
1.4 (P) Active 782,126 725,000 -57126
1.4 TJet (P) Emotion (125s) 1,046,747 990,000 -56747
1.3 Multijet (D) Active 899,570 870,000 -29570
1.3 Multijet (D) Dynamic 995,407 940,000 -55407
1.3 Multijet (D) Emotion 1,076,121 999,000 -77121
Fiat Punto EVO (Power Up)
1.2 (P) Dynamic 585,568 545,000 -40568
1.3 Multijet (D) Active 681,117 640,000 -41117
1.3 Multijet (D) Dynamic 747,365 700,000 -47365
1.3 Multijet (D) Emotion 792,263 755,000 -37263
Fiat Avventura (Power Up)
1.4 TJet (P) (by Abarth) 1,036,678 999,000** -37,678
1.3 Multijet (D) Active 787,001 725,000** -62,001
1.3 Multijet (D) Dynamic 869,609 805,000** -64,609
1.3 Multijet (D) Emotion 928,556 875,000** -53,556
Fiat Urban Cross
1.4 TJet (P) (by Abarth) 985,000 NA
1.3 Multijet (D) Active 685,000 NA
1.3 Multijet (D) Dynamic 745,000 NA
1.3 Multijet (D) Emotion 815,000 NA
  • All prices are ex-showroom, New Delhi and new prices are effective Jan 2, 2017
  • Linea range cheaper by up to 7.3%
  •  Punto EVO range cheaper by close to 7%
  • Urban Cross and Avventura prices were realigned during UC launch in 2016
  • New prices of Avventura were applicable in the last quarter of 2016**


The entire Fiat Linea range is now available to customers well under Rs. 10 lakh. The Linea’s base variant, 1.4  Petrol Active is the most affordable in its segment at Rs. 7.25 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

The Fiat Punto EVO 1.2 Dynamic is the most affordable premium petrol hatchback in its segment at Rs. 5.45 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

Articulating his vision for 2017, Kevin Flynn – President and Managing Director, FCA India said, “2017 is a significant year for FCA as we enter a new phase of growth with both our brands – Fiat and Jeep. We want to make this the year of our transformation in our approach towards engaging with existing customers and winning new ones. This thought led us to start the new year by enhancing the value proposition on our feature-rich Linea and Punto EVO, as the first step. This year, we will move the needle on our sales and service network for which we have started implementing significant changes.”

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