Fast & Furious 7 filming ends, to be premiered on April 3

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Many of the ‘The Fast and the Furious’ series fans will remember the seventh installment of the film for a sad reason. The lead star of the series, Paul Walker, died in an accident before finishing the film.

The incident took place in November last year when Walker along with his friend and business partner, Roger Rodas, died in a car accident on their way to a charity event. In the driver’s seat of the Porsche Carrera GT, was Rodas who lost control of the car and hit a tree after which the Porsche bursted into flames.

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Now, Universal Studio has announced that the seventh installment of The ‘Fast and the Furious’ series has wrapped production as the filming had ended. The movie will hit the theaters on April 3, 2015.

Walker’s remaining unshot scenes were completed by computer-generated imagery and also by his brother Cody. The script was re-written in order to retire Brian O’Conner, the role played by Walker in the series. The franchise will continue to shoot more installments of the series however, without Brian O’Conner, the series would never be the same.


‘The Fast and the Furious’ is a series of action films which center on illegal street racing and robbery. The first installment was released in 2001 and the franchise has earned USD 2.3 billion as of October 22, 2013 worldwide.

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