VIDEO: LaFerrari XX develops some serious positive camber on track

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la ferrari fxx render

LaFerrari FXX render by RC82 Workchop

It has been confirmed that there’ll be an even faster and more track focused LaFerrari XX for those exclusive track days for the hyper-rich. The XX program will be taken care of by Ferrari’s Sporting Activity Department, which was formed back in February to handle all of the non-F1 Ferrari motorsport activities including the Challenge, GT, and F1 Clienti.

Under development at the moment, the XX promises to be hardcore- while changes to the 930bhp, KERS equipped V12 aren’t confirmed, that car will probably get lighter and will be carrying aero enhancements all around.

laf xx jalopnik

Image via Jalopnik

While all that’s fair, this screenshot from the video posted below reveals something peculiar. This XX , while being whipped around at the Monza racetrack during a test run develops some serious positive camber- midway through a corner(2.20 minutes). It’s unclear whether that’s some trick up Ferrari’s sleeve- some kind of XX-specific active rear steering, or a technical glitch. But seriously, the right rear wheel almost came off there!

Source: Jalopnik

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