Eye Lashes for your car!

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If you have an itch to make your car bling, for no apparent reason, then here’s a product you can scratch. Many of us petrol heads, take our passion for anything on wheels so far, to a point where they are no longer classified as objects; but as a person. And in this case, with eyelashes!

 The team of over enthusiastic, probably unemployed men and women with too much time at their disposal have created eye lashes for cars and are calling it ‘Carlashes’ – (What else, duh!) Now all you need is the product and a bit of 3M automotive grade adhesive to make your car and you look like complete retards! A word of advice from the creator of ‘Carlashes’ is to not stick the aforementioned 3M automotive grade adhesive on the paint, as you know, it may damage it. One should affix the lashes to the glass of the headlight or underside of the hood.


The car lashes are available for purchase for $24.95, and oh, there’s more ridiculous bit left untold. Ready?… Okay, here it goes… For an additional $19.95 you get a Crystal Eyeliner! Sweet ain’t it? How about some mascara in the package, eh?

We wanted to dig up some more sickening pictures from the official website of Carlashes; but thankfully, the website slammed us a big ‘509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded’ error.

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