Exclusive video: Renault Fluence caught in detail

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The Fluence has been making waves ever since the news of its arrival in India emerged. The stylish looking car has been testing around the company’s facility is Chennai for a few months now, and our eagle eyed Chennai member Joy Sharma has managed to record it on more than one occasions. Yes, we have posted exclusive videos of the Renault Fluence earlier as well, but these two are the most detailed and the  longest of them all.

In the video the Fluence reveals its wide stance, terrific composure on the road hinting at its great ride quality for which its known the world over. The car will have rub rails on the doors to prevent scratches while opening and closing the doors in tight parking spaces. The badges were heavily taped so that no one could decipher the details of the engine. There were no parking sensors on the rear bumper, so probably the feature that’s fast becoming a norm on the cars in the category wont make it on the Fluence. The car also has RVMs mounted blinkers and beautiful alloys with 10 or 12 spokes.

The Fluence will be brought to India via the CKD route from the company’s Turkey plant and will be assembled in Chennai. Powering the sedan would be the well known 1.5dCi diesel unit albeit in a high state of tune and dishing out 105 horses. There will be an auto transmission option as well. The price can be expected to be in the range of Rs 12-13 lakh. Expect the car to hit the roads in June 2011.

Here we have two spy videos of the car

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