eMotion Surge Will Be India’s First Geared Electric Motorcycle; To Be Unveiled On World Environment Day


eMotion Motors is set to bring to the market India’s first geared Electric Two-wheeler performance bike. The start-up from Coimbatore will unveil the prototype of its first product, Surge, on June 5, World Environment Day. Surge is claimed to be a feature-rich motorcycle which is aimed to surpass the petroleum vehicles. The Company also claims that the Surge has over 40 new innovative features that help it stand out from other bikes on Indian roads.

Surge will be available in two variants, with the top variant clocking a top speed of 120Km/hr and a acceleration of 0-60Km/hr in less than 4 seconds. The bike will have smart features such as LED Backlit Display, GPS Navigation, Mobile phone integration, Cloud connectivity and IOT features for an enhanced user experience.

Being India’s first geared electric motorcycle, it is claimed to deliver high torque multiplication at the wheel. The Reverse gear feature allows the users to manoeuvre in narrow roads and while parking. The boost feature is one-of-a-kind feature found in the segment, which pushes extra power to the motors for a short while. Surge offers large cabinet space which can store more than just a helmet. Surge will boast a 100Km range in a single charge. With express charging, the battery can be recharged to to full in 30 minutes.

eMotion Surge – Teaser Image

Other features include SOS safety feature, storage space, animated turn signals, anti-pollution self-cleaning coating and much more.

eMotion Motors is in the process of raising Series A round of funding. Surge is set to hit the Indian roads by 2020. The start-up, which will unveil the prototype on their website on World Environment Day, has plans for three offerings in various two-wheeler segments in the coming years.

eMotion Surge Features at a glance

  • Navigation – Offers best user-friendly navigation system with controls in the handles so that the rider need not take his/her hand off during riding.
  • Utility Storage – Offers large cabinet space which can store more than just a helmet.
  • Full Led Lights – Better Road Illumination with less glare due to Beam Forming.
  • Auto Ambient Adjustment Headlight –Headlights dim and brighten according to the ambient light conditions.
  • Semi-Automatic Gear Box – Indigenously developed four-speed gear box, the first of its kind in an electric vehicle.
  • Anti-Theft Alarm – Your bike doesn’t like it when someone else tries to take it, without your permission. So, it raises an alarm.
  • Range Extension – Offers provision to add extra battery pack to extend the range to 200Kms.
  • Reverse – The User can easily manoeuvre in narrow roads and while parking.
  • Boost – A riders dream, delivers a surge of power and acceleration for quick overtaking and rapid 0 to 60kmph time
  • Solar Cells –Your bike gets the energy from the Sun for charging the Auxiliary systems.
  • Keyless Start- Just hop on and ride off. No key needed.
  • 7” LED BACKLIT DISPLAY – Largest in class display with better User Interface for better clarity
  • Cloud Integration The user Profile and custom settings can be backed up to cloud and restored any time
  • Triple Redundant Battery Protection Systems. Three different systems monitor Main Battery health, extending battery life to its utmost, and also ensuring that you are informed if it ever begins to deteriorate, even a little.

eMotion Surge Technical Specifications

Top Speed120 Km/h
Range / Charge100 Km (Extended Range 200 km)
Weight120 Kg
Max Torque28 Nm @ 2800 RPM
Battery TypeLi Ion
Express Charging30 Min
Primary Battery Capacity40 Ah @ 72V
Battery Life1,00,000+ Km
Gearbox4 Speed Wide ratio
Transmission TypeSemi-automatic
TypeTrellis Frame
Type FrontUpside down Telescopic fork
Type RearHorizontal Unilink Monoshock
ABS System Type
Type FrontBybre, 300mm Butterfly Disc
Type RearBybre, 230mm Butterfly Disc
Regenerative BrakingYes, Adaptive
HeadlightAutomatic Ambient Adjusted LED
IndicatorsAnimated LED indicators Lights, Auto Off Feature
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