EICMA 2016 : SVARTPILEN 401 Shows Off its Attitude in Production Trim, Images and Details


The slightly rugged, and off-road oriented Husqvarna SVARTPILEN 401 was unveiled alongside its VITPILEN 401 sibling. Like the VITPILEN, the SVARTPILEN is also slated to make its way to India. The SVARTPILEN 401 is Husqvarna’s conception of a street explorer. It gets a bolder and more rugged appearance than the VITPILEN 401. While the VITPILEN is focused on the street, this one wouldn’t mind going off it once in a while. SVARTPILEN 401 gets rugged knobby tyres, a practical tank rack and more robust protection all-over.


The SVARTPILEN 401 shares its chassis and engine with the VITPILEN 401. However, the SVARTPILEN 401 gets a more upright riding position, and motocross-styled wide handle bars. As is the case with VITPILEN, the SVARTPILEN is also expected to hit the showrooms by April-May 2018.

The SVARTPILEN 401 gets a skid plate and tank rack as standard, two single seats with high-quality fabric and Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres. The exhaust here is different too with a robust protector.


Most other bits, including the engine, chassis, suspension, clutch and other mechanicals are shared with the VITPILEN 401.Check out an image gallery of the motorcycle below. Click on the thumbnails for a higher resolution version


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