Eaton to develop Superchargers for Small Cars in India

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Downsizing the engines is the on-going trend globally with car makers. Due to downsizing, turbochargers or superchargers are the solution to found by manufacturers to achieve the same performance from the down-sized engines. This downsizing exercise is implemented due to stricter fuel efficiency and emission norms. Recently, Volkswagen went the turbocharging way with the 1.2 litre Polo GT TSI, which has the same performance of a 1.6 litre petrol engine. Volkswagen is slowly phasing out all naturally aspirated engines and going the turbocharged way.


Now it has emerged that, Eaton is developing a supercharger for the Indian market which will enable car makers to use smaller capacity engines without compromising on power and fuel efficiency. The company is mainly targeting engines which range from 1100cc to 1500cc with this supercharger.
“The supercharger will give higher power, better torque curves and improved fuel efficiency. Eaton is conducting trials with a few OEMs that cannot be named at present,” says Krishnakumar Srinivasan, MD, Eaton Vehicle Group.

Apart from the conventional petrol and diesel motors, Eaton is also developing superchargers for cars fitted with CNG kits. Srinivasan says that “since OEMs will require smaller engines with a supercharger compared to a non-supercharged one, it will save on material costs”. “The engine will also be economical as a result and fuel will be burnt better with a supercharger”, he added.

Superchargers are surely going to add to the costs of the vehicles, but finally we can see some more hot hatches on the Indian soil.

Eaton plans to manufacture them at either its Nashik or Ahmednagar facilitiy.

Source:  Overdrive

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